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In a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, Eunisell Limited, a leading specialty chemicals and oil & gas solutions company, receives a prestigious recognition for its exceptional provision of production chemicals on the Bonga Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) vessel for the year 2023.

The distinguished honor came from Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited (SNEPCO), the trailblazer in deep-water oil and gas production from the Bonga field located in the Gulf of Guinea, where the depths plunge beyond 1,000 meters.

Shell commended Eunisell for its outstanding dedication to safety and consistency, urging the company to maintain its stellar service delivery. The CEO, Kenneth Okeiyi, emphasized that a culture of excellence permeates every aspect of Eunisell’s operations, extending beyond mere regulatory compliance.

With a diverse clientele spanning the African continent, Eunisell, established in 1996, has steadily expanded its footprint across the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Additionally, the company has made significant strides in industrial solutions, food and beverage, as well as personal and home care solutions.

Expressing gratitude to SNEPCO and BONGAS for the recognition, Eunisell pledges to continually raise the bar in standards. This acknowledgment underscores the company’s enduring commitment to providing top-notch solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries.

Navigating The Future: Awesome Takeaways From NAPE Conference 2023, and Eunisell’s Commitment to the Energy sector

The recently concluded NAPE Conference 2023 has left an indelible mark on the energy sector, offering valuable insights and sparking renewed enthusiasm among participants. In a dynamic exploration of the industry’s intricacies, attendees engaged in discussions about transformative shifts, new horizons, and collaborative initiatives.

A Collaborative Platform for Growth

Beyond mere discourse, NAPE 2023 served as a catalyst for impactful collaborations. Networking sessions pulsed with energy as professionals shared ideas, explored potential partnerships, and set the stage for future endeavors. The conference’s overarching theme of collective growth and shared success echoed throughout.

Sustainability, a recurring theme, underscored the industry’s dedication to responsible practices. Conversations revolved around strategies to minimize environmental impact, enhance production efficiency, and chart a sustainable course for the energy future.

Eunisell Limited, West Africa’s premier specialty chemicals and oil and gas solutions company, reiterated its commitment to fostering collaboration and propelling Nigeria’s oil and gas production. Mr. Chika Ikenga, Managing Director of Eunisell, made this announcement during the sponsorship remarks at the 41st International Conference and Exhibition hosted by the Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

Under the theme “Repositioning the Oil and Gas Industry for Future Energy Dynamics,” the event emerged as a pivotal platform for professionals to engage in impactful discussions, share insights, and explore emerging trends. It has become a focal point for shaping the future trajectory of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

Eunisell’s Expertise in Action

Mr. Ikenga underscored NAPE’s role in cultivating intelligent Nigerian industry professionals and nurturing robust domestic oil and gas enterprises. He expressed confidence in Eunisell’s ability to leverage opportunities arising from the drive for reserves and production optimization.

“Nigeria’s imperative is heightened oil and gas production to meet both domestic and export demands. NAPE plays a pivotal role in realizing this goal, cultivating astute Nigerian industry professionals and fostering the growth of resilient domestic oil and gas companies,” said Ikenga.

Shifting focus to Eunisell’s contributions, Ikenga highlighted the company’s 27-year track record in providing specialty chemical solutions that enhance productivity and address operational challenges. Eunisell specializes in designing and constructing Production Facilities, offering cost-effective systems from appraisal through to mature field production, optimization, and enhancement.

“Our fast-track modular early production facilities have been instrumental in providing accelerated cash flow for marginal fields, lowering their investment risks. In addition to well testing, we also deliver cutting-edge gas processing facilities,” Ikenga explained.

A Vision for the Future

As Eunisell continues to innovate and contribute to Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, the company remains committed to excellence, sustainability, and collaborative partnerships. The ongoing collaboration with NAPE underscores Eunisell’s dedication to driving positive change and shaping the future energy landscape in West Africa.

The NAPE Conference 2023 celebrated resilience, innovation, and a collective commitment to navigating the future of the energy sector. As we move forward, let’s apply the lessons learned, embrace upcoming changes, and collectively shape a sustainable and thriving future for the industry. Eunisell, with its dedication to growth, excellence, and collaboration, stands at the forefront of this journey, poised to define the future of oil and gas in West Africa.

Eunisell Targets Industrial Growth with Effective Water Treatment Solutions

Eunisell Limited, West Africa’s largest company in specialty chemical and oil and gas solutions, said it remains committed to providing unique water treatment solutions that boost industrial productivity and growth.

It noted that through its consistent provision of water chemicals and services that meet precise customer specifications, are backed with experienced technical capacity and deliver results, Eunisell aids businesses and industries to thrive since 1996.

The company added that as a leading water inspection, verification, testing and solutions company, Eunisell helps manufacturing companies to reduce operational risks and redundancies, maximise efficiency and aid faster growth through its complete one-stop solutions including solvents and adequate technical support.

“Various industries require unique water treatment solutions and expertise in different dimensions and Eunisell’s goal and approach is to enhance productivity and maximise efficiencies for all including in medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage processing, breweries and other industrial areas by offering unique solutions to each,” said Chika Ikenga the Managing Director, Eunisell Limited.

According to Ikenga, Eunisell has been providing practical water treatment and other cleaning and hygiene solutions, including clarification, treatment, water process and waste water. He posits further that the experts from the company aid industries achieve cost-effective, efficient water treatment results.

“Our focus is to support industries in developing a truly sustainable water management plan, not just an end-of-pipe solution. We have the technical expertise to provide effective mitigating strategies and innovative, practical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of operations,” he stated.

According to him, Eunisell has developed a reputation as an organization with exceptional understanding of water treatment, providing innovative and practical treatment solutions to mineral processing and industrial facilities

“For over 27 years, our water treatment solutions range offer chemicals, solvents and services that are critical inputs in the manufacturing and production processes across industries. We are indeed regional leaders in water testing and solutions,” Ikenga noted.

Ikenga highlighted that Eunisell water treatment solutions also lead to provision of clean and reusable water, environmental protection, disease control and strengthened economy.

The Eunisell boss added that the firm’s experts rigorously conduct necessary procedures to ensure water treatment projects are completed efficiently and affordably, including plant or site audit and recommendations, laboratory testing, pilot-scale testing, design and engineering of water treatment solutions, construction management and other technical support.

He explained that Eunisell’s approach was to continue with customers during and after project start-up to ensure operational excellence and provide modifications and calibrations as required.

“Eunisell Limited is a leader in the Industrial water treatment value chain. Due to rapid industrialization and population growth, the demand for water has been increasing sharply while the availability of desired quality and quantity of water for diverse industrial uses also remains crucial. Our company bridges these gaps through a blend of technology and human capital,” said Ikenga, disclosing that the firm facilitates availability of potable water through a well-equipped laboratory.

Eunisell is Nigeria’s foremost specialty chemicals, fluids and energy productions solutions company which has operated for over 25 years in West Africa.

IWD 2022: Eunisell Pledges to Deepen Gender Equality in Workplace, Celebrates Female Employees

As the world marks International Women’s Day, Eunisell Limited, West Africa’s largest company in specialty chemical and oil and gas solutions, has promised to deepen the United Nations’ affirmative action and Sustainable Development Goal SDG GOAL 5 of gender equality.

The company equally pledged to sustain an environment that consciously promotes equal opportunities for all employees to enable them showcase skills and competencies and excel without any discrimination or bias.


Eunisell’s Managing Director, Chika Ikenga, disclosed this during a celebration organised by the company to celebrate its female employees in commemoration of the 2022 International Women’s Day.


“As a key business player in the energy industry we also believe in the United Nations’ affirmative action and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG GOAL 5: Gender Equality), we are promoting women in energy by offering equal opportunities to join our team and excel professionally. We believe in promoting a level playing ground for all, giving equal opportunities and allowing women to grow and showcase skills,’ Ikenga stated.


He said the theme of this year’s celebration, “Break the Bias” should inspire all to be decisive and collectively identify and break all biases including cultural, social and gender for global development.


“Global development can be significantly enhanced by confronting bias, stereotypes, and discriminations that limit women and their ability to reach their full potentials. The challenges that confront women demand that we should explore opportunities to encourage visibility and empowerment of the female folk.


“The theme of this year’s celebration “Break the Bias” should motivate all to deeply embrace and appreciate the vital roles of women and ensure the recognition of their rights. We should identify the biases and take decisive actions to address them,” Ikenga remarked.


According to him, “Eunisell is fostering a workplace that is an equal-gender environment and continues to protect the rights of and promote the visibility of women. This is reflected by our management team that consist of remarkable female managers and leaders in various capacities.


Eunisell is Nigeria’s foremost specialty chemicals, fluids and energy productions solutions company which has operated for over 25 years in West Africa.

Time to Grow Nigeria Football League

Sports especially football continues to offer multiple values in Nigeria including entertainment, employment, career opportunity, youth development and rallying point for national unity and cohesion.

For the most populous black nation, with over 200 million population and about 65 percent of youth population, football indeed holds huge prospects. Available data says an estimated 80 million youth fans, active and latent, watch foreign football with about 10,000 companies jostling for their attention.

While many Nigerians especially youths crave international football actions due to the quality of play, scintillating commentaries, glamorous players, superb goal-scoring displays and interactive fans engagement, the same cannot be said of the fans and enthusiasm attracted by the local league back at home.

The skillful dribbles, superlative goals, amazing saves and precise kicks all make foreign football quite irresistible but the local league can step up.

In fact, Nigerian football over the years has seen a decline from what it used to be three decades back but the optics looks brighter if calls and moves for transformation by genuine actors are encouraged and sustained with required building blocks.

The potentials are truly enormous but the government needs to enhance enabling environment for football and sports industry generally to thrive and grow faster. Improved security and amenities would help while club management and administrators can quickly see to attracting much more fans with exciting side attractions and other incentives.

Almost 30 years ago, the British government invested £200 million in the Premier League to boost infrastructure and as at May 2021 the EPL was already worth over £18 billion.

The average value of a Premier League team now stands at $1.29 billion, according to Sportico, which estimates that the 20 clubs in English soccer’s top flight are worth more than $25 billion cumulatively.

Just recently, NBC won the Premier League TV Rights to broadcast exclusively all 380 games per season in the United States until the summer of 2028, in a six-year deal worth £1.9billion.

The deal is almost double the $1billion fee NBC paid for Premier League TV rights in 2015, meaning it is the biggest ever overseas TV deal in the history of the English top-flight league.

This points to the fact that Nigerian football if properly harnessed and managed could become a key revenue driver for the country as Gianni Infantino, FIFA President, rightly noted that, “Football is also business; when we can harness it properly, a lot of money can be made for the country through the game. Football is an overwhelming moment of beauty, spirit and pride and in the most populous country in Africa, that passion is palpable.” The FIFA boss made the comment during his visit to Lagos for the maiden edition of the AITEO-Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) Awards.

Truly, the Nigerian local league is gradually picking up tempo and with the support of few patriotic companies who believe in growing the Nigerian brand and are gradually injecting life into the league. Their patriotic efforts are aiding the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) to grow at its pace despite the cravings for foreign football.

The NPFL has also not being without its own magic moments too, raising home-grown champions who are international stars including Ahmed Musa, David Akpeyi, and Junior Lokosa who are all doing well in their own rights and continue to wow global football fans.

With continued support from companies that are not attracted to the mad rush, the NPFL can attain an enviable status. Eunisell Limited has remained one of such very few and consistent supporters of the local football league in Nigeria.

The specialty chemicals and engineering productions solutions firm began to sponsor Nigeria’s domestic premier league in 2015 and later got into the record books in the domestic league as the first club sponsor in Nigeria to achieve four consecutive seasons – as the Rivers United FC sponsor. The company continues to support the club and said it has great plans for fans in the new season.

In 2018, it also initiated the Eunisell Boot Award which honours and rewards players with cash prizes at the end of the football season with a N200, 000 per goal premium. This has revved up excitement in the league. Year after year, high goal scoring players in the Nigerian league express delight at the initiative and desire to work harder, score more goals and clinch the annual Award.

Kano Pillars Striker, Junior Lokosa, won the maiden edition with 19 goals and got N3.8 million reward for 2017/2018 NPFL season. Following the 2020/21 season, the duo of Nasarawa United’s Silas Nwankwo and Akwa United’s Charles Atshimene were announced as joint winners of the Eunisell Boot award with a cash prize of N7.6M for also scoring 19 goals.

As the Nigeria Professional Football League prepares to resume on December 17, Chika Ikenga, Eunisell Founder/Group Managing Director restated Eunisell Boot as a catalyst to instill greatness in players in the domestic top flight and celebrate their success story. He stressed that the initiative is a confirmation of Eunisell’s commitment to the development of Nigerian football.

“Too often we lose sight of the importance of the domestic league and its players, opting instead to follow the European and UK leagues for example.

“What we forget is that a significant percentage of those talented players are Nigerians who started their careers at home in the local league – and even more remarkable, is the fact that our young stars rise to the top here and abroad without having had the benefit of local academies or sponsors in their formative years.

“The prestigious trophy and value of the Eunisell Boots award will spur players into performing better. We believe and we are indeed proud to be associated with our home-grown stars,” he noted.

Eunisell is Nigeria’s foremost specialty chemicals, fluids and energy productions solutions company which has operated for over 25 years in West Africa.

Ikenga advocates improved collaboration between academia, private sector

The Group Managing Director of Eunisell Limited, Chika Ikenga, has said that improved collaboration between the academia and business sector is necessary, desirable and relevant to assure tangible growth and development for the nation and its people.

Ikenga, who was conferred with the Doctor of Business Administration (Honoris Causa) by the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, stated that improved collaboration would help in the sharing of solutions to societal problems.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Maduebibisi Ofo Iwe, in his address said the conferment was in recognition of contributions to humanity and economic development.
The VC added that, “It’s an honour we expect should stimulate the recipients to partner more closely with our University and cause their success stories to rub on the development of Agriculture, Science and Technology in our University.”

During his acceptance speech, Ikenga said: “I believe in sustainable collaboration between the university and business circle. The synergy holds the key to unlocking relevant discoveries and solutions that will enhance the quality of life in diverse ways, aid the economy and boost national growth and development.

The Eunisell boss also pledged to continue his support for education by donating significantly towards boosting the school infrastructure, establishing an endowment fund and partnering the Chemistry Department for joint research with Eunisell.

Ikenga added that having applied the knowledge of chemistry in the larger society, Eunisell will partner the Chemistry department of MOUAU and facilitate joint research programs to benefit the nation.

In 2018, Ikenga introduced the Eunisell Boot, an award that pays a premium of N200,000 per goal to football players with the highest score in the Nigerian topflight every season as a way to revitalise goal scoring by strikers in the NPFL.

Nasarawa United’s Silas Nwankwo and Akwa United’s Charles Atshimene were joint winners of the Eunisell Boot award for the 2020/21 season, with a cash prize of N7.6M for scoring 19 goals.

Over the years, the company has also helped in growing the Nigerian professional football league by sponsoring the Rivers United FC of Port Harcourt.

The Eunisell Founder was honoured alongside Dr Cosmas Maduka, President/CEO, Coscharis Group, HRH King Akeem Olusayo Ogungbangbe, The Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesha community, Osun; and Alhaji Usman Yahaya Kansila, Founder, UYK Nigeria.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari, who was represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammed Abubakar at the occasion, challenged universities of agriculture in the country to bridge the gap of food insecurity and address the nation’s dependence on imported foods.

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Udo Okochukwu commended the Federal Government for the establishment of the university in the state; and the school for its giant strides under the new leadership and urged the administration to forge ahead as the government will continue to offer support.

He noted that the specialised universities must play their crucial role in catalysing the development of the agricultural sector, to help the Federal Government achieve its goal of sustainable green economy.

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Udo Okochukwu commended the Federal Government for the establishment of the university in the state; and the school for its giant strides under the new leadership and urged the administration to forge ahead as the government will continue to offer support.


Eunisell Investment-Grade Credit Rating Affirms Stable Outlook

Eunisell Limited, a specialty chemical and engineering solutions firm in Africa, has maintained its national scale long and short-term ratings of BBB(NG) and A3(NG) respectively with a stable outlook for year 2021/2022.

This was revealed in a fresh report by Global Credit Ratings (GCR), an international agency which assigned similar credit status to Eunisell for the year 2021.

The company has sustained its good standing despite the impact of Covid-19, global logistics disruptions and other challenges in the operating business environment during the year.

According to the GCR Report, the ratings indicated slight risk, showing good financial strength, operating performance and business profile when compared to the standards established by the rating agency.

It added that Eunisell rating “balances a strong niche market position, sound revenue trajectory and the substantial liquidity coverage while it reported firmer operating profit in recent years, underpinned by a shift in product mix.”

GCR further stated that the latest rating followed assessment of the companies’ financial performance, capital adequacy, asset quality, liquidity, profitability, risk factors and future outlooks in the medium to long-term period.

“Eunisell maintains well established positions in all its key operating segments. This is underpinned by its long operational track record, ongoing expansion of its chemical blending capacity, and the good brand recognition, which has facilitated long term relationships with industry-leading clientele and global vendors.

“Earnings performance is positive to the ratings, underpinned by the steady revenue progression on the back of continuous product innovation and demand-led volume growth,” it stated.

Speaking on the development, Eunisell Group Managing Director, Chika Ikenga said, “The rating represents a positive milestone for Eunisell and a further confirmation of capacity. Our continued growth and business expansion despite the challenges of a pandemic year is proof of a resilient business model. We will continue to strengthen our operations in order to remain competitive across all key market operating segments whilst delivering value to stakeholders.

“Our good standing has also earned us supports from development financial institution (DFIs) and multi-lateral organisations like BOI and AFREXIM,” he noted.

Eunisell is Nigeria’s foremost specialty chemicals, fluids and energy productions solutions company which has operated for over 25 years in West Africa.

Eunisell Restates Commitment to Innovations, Highlights Latest PMT Solution

Mr. Chika Ikenga, the Group Managing Director of Eunisell Limited, West Africa’s largest specialty chemical and oil and gas engineering solutions company, said innovation remains critical in enhancing productivity in the Nigerian business space especially the energy sector.

Ikenga added that for over 27 years the company has been at the forefront of introducing and deploying latest world-class technologies and tools used in providing critical solutions and enhancing efficiency for the energy sector in the region.

At a media interaction in Lagos on November 22, 2021, Ikenga said, “Eunisell has been a key driver of innovations in the West African energy sector, deploying latest global solutions locally for enhancing performances, significantly upscaling outputs and driving business growth for our wide range of customers.

“Eunisell is promoting a new technology called the Sage Rider PMT (paraffin melting tool) that is ingenious and charting a new course in the well intervention space in terms of wax and paraffin cleaning from oil wells. This has proven to reduce operational time and cost by 70%, with 99.8% effectiveness and efficiency.”

“The Sage Rider Paraffin Melting Tool can reach an extremely high temperature to renew the well to full bore drift. As a revolutionary solution, the Paraffin Melting Tool eases the cleaning and maintenance of wells susceptible to paraffin build-up to increase production and efficiencies.

“Engineered as a rechargeable battery powered tool, the Paraffin Melting Tool performs on all forms of wireline, including slickline, braided line, and e-line utilizing a cutting system along with heat that can reach greater than 315°C (600°F), and easily removing costly paraffin.”

Further highlighting benefits of the new solution, the Eunisell boss said, “This new approach aids in getting tubing to achieve full drift, reduces maintenance time and frequency, increases tubing production efficiency, allows logging and well servicing operation to perform as designed and extends time for paraffin to build back up.”

In addition, Eunisell has also partnered global industry leaders in deploying cutting-edge water treatment solutions for delivering high quality streams and precision cleaning needed to meet the most rigorous specifications for water, food, beverage and industrial hygiene including bio-degradable aluminum beverage cans.

Ikenga who founded the Eunisell Group including Eunisell Limited and Eunisell Interlinked Plc also noted that the company’s vision remains being the leading specialty chemicals, engineering solutions and environmental management provider in Africa, offering a full range of technical services to complement wide range of specialty products.

“In line with high ethical standards and regulatory compliances, our ISO 9001:2015 and TRACE International certification for anti-corruption compliances are a significant testament for Eunisell, underlining its resolve to sustaining global best practices in quality management systems, processes and service delivery in a manner that truly promotes green environment and assures overall human and environmental safety,” he concluded.

Eunisell Bags BusinessDay’s Nigerian Investor Value (NIVA) Award 2021

It was an exciting moment of reward for efficiency and resilience when Eunisell Group clinched the ‘Next Bull Award’ at the 2021 edition of the Nigerian Investor Value (NIVA) Awards organised by BusinessDay Media Limited and the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The highly coveted Award was in recognition of Eunisell’s impressive growth, market reputation, regulatory compliance, visionary leadership, operational efficiency and corporate governance.

The Nigerian Investor Value (NIVA) Awards, formerly known as the Top 25 CEOs & Next Bulls Awards, celebrates CEOs of public companies who have created sustainable alpha-generating value through strategic intelligence, operating efficiencies, market leadership and organisational values.

Winners are selected by a proprietary survey carried out by the BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit (BRIU) with respondents including equity analysts, retail and institutional investors, financial journalists, sectoral experts and professional advisers.

Speaking on the feat recently, Eunisell’s Group Managing Director, Mr. Chika Ikenga said the recognition was for management and staff of Eunisell group for their relentless service, unwavering commitment and passion to add value to customers businesses which have seen the group grow significantly for over 27 years.

Ikenga who founded the Eunisell Group including Eunisell Limited, Eunisell Interlinked Plc. and Recare Limited also noted that collaboration and robust engagements with customers and partners have remained pivotal to its success story.

“As a proudly Nigerian brand with global competencies and network, for over 27 years we have consistently and diligently delivered world-class solutions in the specialty chemicals, oil and gas engineering production solutions, water treatment, industrial equipment leases and other allied areas of the energy sector across West Africa for our customers operating in a vibrant and ever challenging African business environment.

“Eunisell remains committed to high ethical standards, regulatory compliances, top-notch technical expertise and global best practices in quality management systems, processes and service delivery in a manner that truly promotes green environment and assures overall human and environmental safety,” he remarked.

Since the first edition in 2014, the annual NIVA awards have served as a capital markets bellwether used in identifying the best performing chief executive officers and stocks on the

Nigerian Stock Exchange as well as leading privately-held companies.

Businessday Publisher, Frank Aigbogun stated that the award was a testament to the resilience of the winners and the stable structures put in place to keep the companies running despite prevailing circumstances. He also commended efforts in supporting communities.

“NIVA celebrates chief executives who through sound strategy, disciplined execution, world-class governance and adoption of a customer-first ethos have delivered alpha, thereby creating competitive shareholder value.

“While businesses wrestle with a volatile national economy and the aftershocks of the second wave of COVID-19, there are gems of resilience and pearls of grit that sparkle on the bourse. These stocks have sustained the residue of confidence in the Nigerian Stock Exchange after a year marred by unprecedented disruptions.

“Participating organizations were required to submit entries for the NIVA Awards. This availed them the opportunity to present themselves for an independent audit of shareholder value creation that gives shareholders the reassurance of the Seal of Good Housekeeping. Winners emerged through a transparent, credible process,” organisers noted.

The award ceremony held earlier in 2021.