Lubricant Additives

Working closely with Lubrizol's leading Research and Development and technical support, Eunisell can provide you with the latest technology

Since 1996 Eunisell Chemicals have represented The Lubrizol Corporation in West Africa providing solutions to lubricant and fuel marketers in the region. Lubrizol is the leading global provider of specialty chemicals, such as lubricant additives and fuel additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. Through Eunisell’s Chemicals’ superior logistics support and vendor managed inventory, we have changed the face of the additive business in West Africa providing a world class service in the region.

The products cover the entire range of lubricants and fuels as follows

Additives for:

Working closely with Lubrizol’s leading Research and Development and technical support, Eunisell can provide you with the latest technology, meeting the emerging global specifications and assist you in developing products that help minimise the impact on the environment.

Through Eunisell Chemicals’ relationship with Lubrizol, we can provide you with a wide range of products and advise on lubrication and applications.

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Traded Products

Lubricating Base Oils
Through our extensive contacts worldwide, Eunisell Chemicals can provide you with all your lubricating base oils in a format that best suits your technical and commercial needs:
These products are available in the following ways:

Group II Base Oils
With the advent of new engine oil testing and specifications, Group II base oil will play an important role in the future of engine oil technology. Eunisell Chemicals can advise you on formulations using group II and providing group II base stocks for your developing needs.

Group III, VI and V Base Oils
In order to meet the future demand for long life, high performance lubricants, Eunisell Chemicals can supply specialised base oils, for semi and full synthetic lubricants.

Base Oils
Following tighter controls on engine testing for automotive engine lubricants in the 1990’s, the API introduced a system of classifying base oils. This system provides the basis for interchanging base oils within Lubricants formulation and maintaining product approval status, without having to complete the entire series of engine testing.

The base oils were split into 5 groups:

Base Oil Category Sulfur Saturates Viscosity Index
Group I > 0.03% < 90% 80 – 120
Group II < 0.03%  > 90% 80 – 120
Group III < 0.03%  > 90% >120
Group IV All PAOs (polyalfaolefins) >120
Group V All other synthetic bases stocks

Centre of Excellence

Eunisell Chemicals are working closely with Lubrizol to open their first centre of excellence in Africa.

This will be a combined training centre and technical resource reference for our customers across West Africa, with state of the art multimedia displays and interactive technical reference material, complemented with real hardware, to be able to fully support our customers’ educational and technical requirements.

The centre opened its temporary location late in 2013 before moving to a purpose built facility in Lagos late in 2014.

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