Eunisell Reaffirms Commitment to Women’s Empowerment on IWD

13 March 2024

On International Women’s Day 2024, Eunisell Limited, a leading specialty chemicals and solutions provider, reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to fostering an equitable and empowered future across all industries, especially the dynamic energy sector.

Ken Okeiyi, Eunisell’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the company’s focus on providing equal opportunities, fair representation, and an environment that celebrates diversity. “The 2024 IWD theme of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ profoundly aligns with Eunisell’s core values. We recognize and value the distinct perspectives and capabilities women bring, driving innovation and excellence,” stated Okeiyi.

Eunisell is committed to continuously exploring creative avenues to ensure women have access to opportunities across all levels of our organization. On this International Women’s Day, we pledge our commitment to shaping an empowered future defined by equality, including in the ever-evolving energy industry.”

Asanimo Omezi, Executive Secretary of the Women in Energy Network (WIEN), echoed the importance of advocating for inclusive practices to dismantle barriers. She stressed the need for equal opportunities, fair representation, and environments that embrace diversity across all life stages.

Omezi highlighted WIEN’s vital role in promoting collaboration and empowerment through initiatives like knowledge-sharing platforms, coaching, and scholarship programs. “Fostering suitable environments for women is crucial as it enables their engagement, knowledge access, financial support, role models, mentorship, and flexible work arrangements for maximum impact.”

Both leaders underscored the profound benefits of integrating gender considerations into the energy sector, unlocking significant productivity gains, strengthening development, and driving economic progress.

Through this year’s International Women’s Day, Eunisell reinforces its mission to be an inclusive leader, championing equality and empowerment for women across all sectors and levels.

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